Esta lloviendo en Salamanca

I’m sure that Salamanca is a beautiful city. Empirically speaking, the ancient sandstone buildings, especially of the University, with intricately carved pediments, gargoyles, busts and medallions, are visually stunning. But right now, I am not in a state of mind to enjoy much of it. Especially with the rain.

I feel tired, so very tired. I can’t focus on much. I can read a paragraph or two, or watch a few minutes of tv, and then I find myself zoning out. Walking around the city, I’ve been tripping a lot, not paying attention to what’s under my feet. Poor Drew has had to put up with my indecisiveness and apathy about where to go, what to eat (thank you, though, for finding lovely little Cafe Atelier, the best vegan food I’ve had in months! and the Museo del Art Nouveau–what would be a major highlight on any other day). Call it post-event depression, happiness hangover or the Camino blues, but I am struggling to just….be.

I’ve decided not to fight it. Again, thanks to my long-suffering spouse, we are back in the hotel, takeout pizza and fruit from the stand downstairs on the table. I am snuggled inside my sleeping bag, half-heartedly watching CSI while I compose this on my phone. No need to face humans or make any big decisions. There’s time enough for that tomorrow. Or the next day.

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