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Welcome to P H A R O S Creative We are a branding firm committed to telling our clients' stories in the best ways possible. Simplicity, beauty, clarity & eloquence: these should be attainable, and we pursue them with passion. So, what story are you looking to tell? Graphic Design, Photography, Layout, Copyediting, Digital Production.

This is how we spend our time. We are very mobile and work quickly (we've been at this for over 20 years).

We partner long-term with clients across the globe, sometimes working on-site, and sometimes from afar. Our overhead is, well, very low.
Our work for you looks like you.

Because really, it's not about us, right?
The best way to work with us?

Take a look at our work. Give us a call.
Let's talk about how we can help out.
We'd be delighted to meet you,
and maybe tell your story.

A Few of the Amazing Folks We Call Clients

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