Wow, Córdoba! And decisions.

Had an amazing time in Córdoba. Great hostel (Option Be), great visit to the Mezquita, great sunset and sunrise walks all over the old town (and photo shoots). Two tiny regrets is that we missed La Bicicleta, a hip, veggie-friendly restaurant that was super-packed (Squirrel couldn’t handle the crowd), and Hammam Alandalus (we just ran out of time). Oh well, put it on the list for the next visit. Because there will be another one, for sure.

The big news though, is that we have found an apartment to stay in for the next ten days. It’s in Benalmádena, a beach town in Málaga province. This is not the type of town we would normally choose; it’s a bit too reminiscent of Ocean Shores, WA aka “Open Sores.” Cheesy souvenir schlock shops and fish grills line the beachfront. Spanish is the least-heard language on the streets; German is most likely, with variously accented English coming a close second. The apartment itself is in a high rise complex that saw its heyday in the early 1980s. It caters, unapologetically, to the Euro-vacationers. There is a pool area with bar, a gym, and even a grocery store in the basement. Rude polyglots at reception remind people that shirts are required in the lobby area. I can feel the rash starting. And the actual flat is just meh–a little shabby, neglected, small.

HOWEVER, the flat does tick a lot of the boxes for this week. It’s downright cheap, which means we have budget left for dinners out, day trips, heck, even overnight trips if we want. There’s wifi (which so far has been nice and fast). It’s centrally located on the Costa del Sol, so we can use it as a base for exploration. It’s clean enough (or will be, once I get going with my rubber gloves and bleach in the bathroom). And the view…pretty awesome.

Plus Andrew reminded me that we haven’t spent more than three nights in a row anywhere since July. So having a home base, even for just a week or so, is kind of nice. Heading to the grocery now to buy some makings for dinner. Luxury.

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