Camino Day 37: The End of the World

Cee to Finisterre: 14km, then 2.2km to the lighthouse


  • The end, baby. For reals this time.
  • walking on a long beach into Finisterre, collecting scallop shells and our individual thoughts
  • End of the world, with backpacks
  • Beer lunch at the lighthouse
  • Seeing Randy & Jonathan again, and our cute French ladies
  • Sunset at the lighthouse (again)
  • Getting a ride down the hill, in the dark, in the back of a groovy van
  • Celebratory paella


Happy, happy, and more happy. Feel like we walked to the edge of the world, and took our time getting here. Got to speak to Sam this evening (after being really ticked off at how long it’s been since we spoke), and felt much better after. Hightailing it up the hill to the lighthouse, while scores of folks were already walking back, we were sure (or Lis and Johannes were sure) we’d missed it all. I think it was a spectacular post sunset color show, and I feel lucky, happy, and like we accomplished something really big. Riding down the hill in the dark, in the back of the store shop gals’ scooby-doo van was surreal, as was dinner after. Don’t know what tomorrow will feel like, so am pushing it off for now.

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