Camino day 36: Ouch.

Vilaserio to Cee, 41km

What. A. Day.

This is the problem with walking with Johannes, who is a young, fit DUDE. He kicks my ass. Seriously. Maybe it is my own fault because I didn’t do the math on the distances before booking last night’s accommodations. But it had not fully registered in my brain until it was way too late that we would be doing 40+ kilometers today. Yup, 40. As in 25 miles, baby. With a 12km stretch of no services, no water.

Gonna have Drew finish this post up¬†because I can’t remember highlights yet. Maybe something will come back to me after I look at the pictures. Silver lining though. We are only 14km from Finisterre, so with luck, we’ll be at the end by lunchtime tomorrow. Yay.

Drew piping in here:

So a few highlights, which are easier to remember after editing photos from the day:

  • starting the morning with a cat helping me put my pack on, and insisting that there was a place in my lap while I was fixing my shoes
  • incredible morning of fog and pink sunrise. More windmills than you can shake a walking stick at.
  • fields of dew-covered spiderwebs (those dudes get BUSY after dark, right?)
  • a really cute stop for lunch, where I secretly used parts of my salad to make a sandwich for later (shhh.)
  • a long empty stretch, with a rest on a huge boulder (scratched the crap out of our legs getting to it)
  • seeing the split that would let us go north or south (south for us — wanted to see the lighthouse)
  • Johannes waiting for us with beers ready (holy crap, they were good)
  • Staying at a hotel called… wait for it… LARRY.
    (it was about as fancy as you’d imagine Larry would be.)
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