New country, new sights

We are in Morocco. When we were planning this extended excursion however many months ago, Morocco was not in the cards. Originally, the thought was to head to the UK for a month (long story, but we need to be out of the Schengen zone for about four weeks in order to have enough time on our visas to do the holidays with the girls in Portugal. Oh the logistics of it all.). But a quick look into the budget of the thing made me rethink that plan. The UK is EXPENSIVE! I’ve been spoiled by Spanish prices (decent Rioja for €3 a bottle, sweet hotel rooms for €30, free tapas, free early morning entry into sights…), and I couldn’t justify the price of the Airbnb in Edinburgh. So here we are in Tangier instead.

The riad where we are staying is lovely. An oasis in the center of the bustling kasbah with a lovely rooftop terrace (that we can’t seem to leave) and the nicest owners ever, Lorraine & Hans. Today was a holiday (Moroccan independence day, I think), so we took the opportunity to just laze about the riad, nap!, do a little work. At some point, there will be plans made for tours, excursions and outings. For now, the only plan we have is a veggie couscous dinner in a restaurant recommended by our new acquaintances, Christophe & Desiree. Am grateful for the luxury of a slow day.

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