Camino del Norte Day 24: Avilés to Soto de Luiña

This was a long day, and we need to fill in some gaps.

If memory serves, this was the day that our guidebooks, GooGal, and the wayfinding points were all a little off in the last five-eight kilometers, and we were basically grumpy for that last part.


  • Albergue in a bit of a run down old building that felt like a former hospital
  • Other travelers that challenged our whole ‘avoid all humans’ mentality
  • A particular young traveler who was unbelievably clean for having come from San Sebastian, and who was eager to find out how much my pack weighed, since hers was only 9 kilos. Just a little obnoxious. (Oh, and she had a pair of cotton pinstripe pajama bottoms in that bag of hers. Ok, catty comments over.)
  • Great manager of the albergue who called us all together to describe tomorrow’s hike, and the arrows to the beach, which he’d painted himself!
  • Not so great restaurant across the street who had no vegetables on the menu and didn’t love Peregrinos
  • Bedbugs. Or mosquitos. Probably mosquitos. Itchy either way! Ugh.
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