Camino del Norte Day 21: Walking through the DMZ

30km, Vega de Sariego to Oviedo. 8:30 – 15:30

We spent most of today in a strange no-man’s land. Purgatory. A not-Norte, yet not-quite-Primitivo place. Sometimes there were arrows, but mostly we navigated by regular old road signage. The day was grey and hazy, making it difficult to tell what time it was or what direction we were walking in. And we saw not a single other pilgrim on the road.¬†Were we going the right way? How far is Oviedo again?


  • Drew gets a massage at our hotel! Works the kinks out of his back, but his feet get sore. What?
  • A nice man flags us down from atop a ladder in his orchard to give us apples.
  • Met three dogs: Cool,
  • Mushrooms!
  • Walking up and down pebbly paths that felt like Middle Earth
  • Cows that look like Weimaraners
  • The ladies at the water fountain in La Pola Siero who insisted that we fill our water bottles
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