What the…? Burgers in Hakudate

So depressed when our friend and city-exploring-guide extraordinaire, Ai (Alice) at the Share HakoDA, left for a wedding in CA. She’d won us over with Benten sushi, and tonight we were looking for something close by and, well, beefy.

Tonight’s staff at the hotel were lackluster and kinda vanilla with their recommendations, so we decided to wander it and see what we’d find. Just up and over a block, Lisa pipes up with, “what about the burger place; we passed it yesterday?” To which I responded “What burger place? We did?” (Typical Drew/Lisa exchange. Old people.)

Enter an America-lovin’ couple who decided to start a little place that does one thing and does it well. Fine Day’s Burger was a delight, complete with menus wrapped in record sleeves. Americana, but not too much of it; not too tacky. Music was a combination of jazz instrumental covers of Sade and Stevie Wonder followed by some early eighties breakdancing funk.

Lisa went old school with a straight-up cheeseburger no sauce, and yours truly ventured into the Japanese avocado burger. Both were outstanding; mine was a marvel that included wasabi and sautéed onions (who knew?) on a black sesame seed bun. We were cautioned to use the bah-gah wrap, an old school paper envelope à la many American drive throughs. It took a few tries for us to understand that that was what Haruka was asking us to do.

Anyway, we met the proprietors, Gens and Haruka, both very hip and both of whom were eager to see our reaction, and to hear where we live. Snapped a couple of shots and rolled out of there, back to laundry and a welcoming bed. The cool clear night and the good food and folks once more reminded us both that we’ll miss Hakudate.

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