So much to say about Hakodate

Ai/Alice at the Share Hakoba Hakodate

Yakitori in the teeny place with the black doors, around the corner from the ika gyoza place, both in the food street

the view from the top of the mountain, though no Ropeway

walking out to and up from Cape Tachimachi

Sushi Benten, just us and the husband/wife team. teaching us the right way to eat sushi, what to dip in soy sauce and what not to.

Goryokaku Koen – five sided fort, amazing view from the tower, what a walk around the battlements! talking to the tree cutters – picture

Stumbling upon a Hiroshige exhibit at the Hokkaido Museum of Art

Wandering through a four-story Muji store (and having lunch at the cafe)

Having an extravagant tea (complete with crusts-off finger sandwiches and multiple kinds of cake) in a lovely department store while reading our books and watching the crowds rush by

A night in a bunk bed

Formulating a new plan

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