Asahidake – 9 out of 10 ain’t bad

Bus from Asahikawa. Losing my wallet at the Dormy! Wandering Andrew’s favorite mall and eating way too much chicken karaage. Arriving at an old lodge at the mountain, Hotel Bearmonte. It’s a little tired, a little dated, but all-you-can-eat breakfast & dinner buffets are included, as well as use of the onsen, which is definitely key. Insisting that we want a Western-style room.

Work calls in the early morning, as per our regular schedule. Then Ropeway (station just 100 meters from our hotel door) up to Sugatami station halfway up Asahidake. We decide to try to reach the summit, an estimated 2.5 hour walk up 600 meters of rough, rocky terrain.

Station 9 was far enough, too much wind!



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