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Blown Away By Edinburgh
Blown away by Edinburgh
Edinburgh! Polish knitting group in the bar at midnight Edinburgh Castle Hiking up King Arthur's…
On this Thanksgiving day, I am reminded of a lovely little roadside altar we happened…
Il Pleut à Chefchaouen
Il pleut à Chefchaouen
We seem to have a knack for beautiful, unique, historic cities in the rain. And…
Daytrippin’: Gibraltar & Cádiz
Daytrippin’: Gibraltar & Cádiz
Driving across the airport tarmac to enter Gibraltar. Windswept lighthouse at the end of the…
Daytrippin’: Pueblos Blancos
Daytrippin’: Pueblos Blancos
Ronda Casares Arcos de la Frontera Olvera Torre Alháquime Setenil de las Bodegas  
Daytrippin’: Caminito Del Rey
Daytrippin’: Caminito del Rey
After a couple of days of "normal", aka cooking meals, working, laundry, etc. Squirrel got a…
Wow, Córdoba! And Decisions.
Wow, Córdoba! And decisions.
Had an amazing time in Córdoba. Great hostel (Option Be), great visit to the Mezquita,…
Esta Lloviendo En Salamanca
Esta lloviendo en Salamanca
I'm sure that Salamanca is a beautiful city. Empirically speaking, the ancient sandstone buildings, especially of…
What Does One Do After A Camino?
What does one do after a Camino?
It's raining today, which is appropriate, because I want to weep. Not cute, sweet little…
Camino Day 37: The End Of The World
Camino Day 37: The End of the World
Cee to Finisterre: 14km, then 2.2km to the lighthouse Highlights: The end, baby. For reals…
Camino Day 36: Ouch.
Camino day 36: Ouch.
Vilaserio to Cee, 41km What. A. Day. This is the problem with walking with Johannes,…
‘Shrooms Of The Way
‘Shrooms of the Way
One great way to pass the time on some of our more strenuous days was…
Camino Day 35: Still Walking
Camino day 35: Still Walking
Santiago to Vilaserio, 34km Johannes banged on our door at 7:30. I groaned and pulled on…
Camino Day 34: Still In Santiago; Now What?
Camino Day 34: Still in Santiago; now what?
So we're still in Santiago. Yesterday, after arriving at the Plaza de Obradoiro, we dropped…
Camino Del Norte Day 33: Santiago
Camino del Norte Day 33: Santiago
We've arrived.   There's lots more, but ... where to start?
Camino Del Norte Day 32: One Day Away!!
Camino del Norte Day 32: One Day Away!!
Today we hiked 32k to A Brea, just 24k from Santiago. Woooo—hoo!! More to come shortly,…
Camino Del Norte Day 31: Being 31
Camino Del Norte Day 31: Being 31
Albergue Witericus to Sobrado dos Monxes, 8:00 to 16:00, 31km It was a strange day…
Camino Del Norte Day 30: The Day I Fell Over
Camino del Norte Day 30: The day I fell over
Vilalba to Albergue Witericus, 8:00 to 16:00. Well, an injury was bound to happen sometime.…
Camino Del Norte Day 29: Mondoñedo To Vilalba
Camino del Norte Day 29: Mondoñedo to Vilalba
Long(est) day! 37/38k from 7:30 to 17:00 (not sure of distance as pedometers differ) And…
Camino Del Norte Day 28: Ribadeo To Mondoñedo, Galicia
Camino del Norte Day 28: Ribadeo to Mondoñedo, Galicia
Big (biggest?) day so far: 38k from 7:45 to 17:00 We covered over 18k by…
Camino Del Norte Day 27: Navio To Ribadeo, Galicia
Camino del Norte Day 27: Navio to Ribadeo, Galicia
Today was grey. We only covered about 12k before sitting down for coffee and admitting…
Camino Del Norte Day 26: Canero To Navia
Camino del Norte Day 26: Canero to Navia
Need to fill in some gaps here. Started out in a dark forest with a…
Camino Del Norte Day 25: Soto De Luiña To Canero
Camino del Norte Day 25: Soto de Luiña to Canero
Distance: 30.5k from 6:30 to 14:30 High points of the day: Having a wildflower meadow…
Camino Del Norte Day 24: Avilés To Soto De Luiña
Camino del Norte Day 24: Avilés to Soto de Luiña
This was a long day, and we need to fill in some gaps. If memory…
Camino Del Norte: Hórreos De Asturia
Camino del Norte: Hórreos de Asturia
Hórreos were everywhere we looked in Asturia, and they were a unique architectural feature. Here's…
Camino Del Norte Day 23: Oviedo To Avilés
Camino del Norte Day 23: Oviedo to Avilés
Getting back on the trail after a rest day is both wonderful and challenging. Stiff.…
Camino Del Norte Day 22: The Day We Went To Church
Camino del Norte Day 22: The day we went to church
We went to church today. Not to hear Mass (although I'd like to do that…
Camino Del Norte Day 21: Walking Through The DMZ
Camino del Norte Day 21: Walking through the DMZ
30km, Vega de Sariego to Oviedo. 8:30 - 15:30 We spent most of today in…
Camino Del Norte Day 20: Everybody Was Kung-fu Fighting
Camino del Norte Day 20: Everybody was kung-fu fighting
33km, Pernus to Vega de Sariego. 7:30 - 17:15 We set out this morning in…
Camino Day 19: Ribadesella To Pernús Via Colunga
Camino Day 19: Ribadesella to Pernús via Colunga
27.4k from 9 to 5 Today was tough. We came off a rest day, and…
Camino Del Norte Day Eighteen: Real Rest Day
Camino del Norte Day Eighteen: Real Rest Day
Today was all about resting our feet. We only went out to get coffee and…
Camino Del Norte Day Seventeen: Llanes To Ribadesella
Camino del Norte Day Seventeen: Llanes to Ribadesella
Today was a long walk, 31.5k from 9:30 to 16:30. Beautiful, rolling hills, not much…
Camino Del Norte Day Sixteen: Comillas To San Vicente To Llanes
Camino del Norte Day Sixteen: Comillas to San Vicente to Llanes
OK, first things first for the competitive types out there: today we cheated. If it…
Camino Del Norte Day Fifteen: Santillana Del Mar To Comillas
Camino del Norte Day Fifteen: Santillana del Mar to Comillas
Today was a stunning walk! Feet didn't hurt until 13k, and at one point we…
Camino Del Norte Day Fourteen: Santa Cruz De Bezana To Santillana Del Mar
Camino del Norte Day Fourteen: Santa Cruz de Bezana to Santillana del Mar
24.8k from 7:15 to 14:00 Holy two weeks, Batman! This Sunday marks it! Walked this morning…
Camino Del Norte Day Thirteen: Albergue La Cabaña Del Abuelo Pueto To Santa Cruz De Bezana
Camino del Norte Day Thirteen: Albergue la Cabaña del Abuelo Pueto to Santa Cruz de Bezana
We started the day very early, as we were both awake and not feeling particularly…
Camino Day Twelve: Meeting The Mountain Man
Camino Day Twelve: Meeting the Mountain Man
Santoña to Güemes, 25.5 km, 9:30-16:00. Today began with tostada con tomate with...the Mountain Man.…
Camino Del Norte Day Eleven: Castro Urdiales To Santoña
Camino del Norte Day Eleven: Castro Urdiales to Santoña
Big distance today: 35.4k from 8 to 5:40 So yeah, our dogs are barkin'. Had…
Camino Del Norte Day Ten: Rest For The Weary
Camino del Norte Day Ten: Rest for the weary
From Pobeña to Castro Urdiales, 17.5 km Time: 8:30-13:00 Last night was NOT comfortable at all.…
Camino Del Norte Day Nine: Bilbao To Pobeña
Camino del Norte day nine: Bilbao to Pobeña
First things first: we should have retired our shoes sooner. New shoes made a HUGE…
Camino Del Norte Day Nine: Embracing Warts
Camino del Norte Day Nine: Embracing warts
All the guidebooks and blogs seem to agree on one thing: the path out of…
Camino Del Norte Day Eight: Happy Anniversary
Camino del Norte Day Eight: Happy anniversary
So we've officially been on this walk a week. And I'm not sure what I've…
Camino Del Norte Day Eight. Zamudio To Bilbao
Camino del Norte day eight. Zamudio to Bilbao
Today was short: 15.6k from 8:30 to 2. High points: Free mini bar drinks from…
Camino Del Norte Day Seven: Paso A Paso
Camino del Norte Day Seven: Paso a paso
I was a little nervous heading out of Gernika today. What if my feet can't…
Camino Del Norte Day Seven: Guernica To Zamudio
Camino del Norte Day Seven: Guernica to Zamudio
27k from 8:30 to 4 We broke our first 100k today, so we are now…
Camino Del Norte Day Six: Rediscovering Prayer
Camino del Norte Day Six: Rediscovering prayer
I'm not particularly religious. Yes, I was baptized and went to Catholic school and all…
Camino Del Norte – Day Six: Zenaruzza To Guernica And Basque Heavy Metal
Camino del Norte – Day Six: Zenaruzza to Guernica and Basque Heavy Metal
Today's not one for the books really. Left a wonderful night at the monastery behind…
Camino Del Norte Day Five: Social Hour
Camino del Norte Day Five: Social hour
One of the many continuing conversations I've been having with myself over the past few…
Camino Del Norte – Day Five: Ibiri To Zenaruzza (the Monastery @)
Camino del Norte – Day Five: Ibiri to Zenaruzza (the monastery @)
OK, when was the last time I hiked for five days straight? It’s been a…
Camino Del Norte Day Four: Zumaia To Calvario (Ibiri To The Locals)
Camino del Norte Day Four: Zumaia to Calvario (Ibiri to the locals)
What a gift today was! 23k, from 8:30am to 4:30pm. We began our day hiking…
Camino Day Four: Cider, Rocks And New Friends
Camino Day Four: Cider, rocks and new friends
So tonight we are in what used to be a barn. It's been converted into…
Camino Del Norte Day Three: Rest Days Are Not A Sign Of Weakness
Camino del Norte Day Three: Rest days are not a sign of weakness
So it's day three, and we're already behind schedule. At least according to the guidebook.…
Camino Del Norte Day Two: Turned Away At The Inn
Camino del Norte Day Two: Turned away at the inn
Started out the day irrationally proud of myself. Yay, I made it through my first…
Camino Del Norte Day One – Lisa’s Version
Camino del Norte Day One – Lisa’s version
Drew is doing a great job of recounting what has been happening during the day,…
Boutique yarn shop. Successful online retailer. Publisher of original knitting & crochet patterns. Bainbridge Island,…
Go Run!
Go Run!
Nonprofit sports team enhancing the lives of middle school girls physically, emotionally, and socially. Bainbridge…
Life’s A Poodle
Life’s a Poodle
A company raising awareness about children with learning differences. Langley, WA
Lisa Staton Design
Lisa Staton Design
Interior Designer Seattle, WA & Saratoga Springs, NY
Malik Gallery
Malik Gallery
Modern classic and contemporary furniture. Wholesale & retail. Oakland, CA
O Ecotextiles
O Ecotextiles
Creating luxurious, sensuous fabrics in ways that are non-toxic, ethical and sustainable. Seattle, WA
Sawtooth Interpretive & Historical Association
Sawtooth Interpretive & Historical Association
Non-profit, member-based organization providing interpretive and educational programs on the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. Stanley,…
The Workshop
The Workshop
Strategic communication through events. Seattle, WA
Sequim Lavender Festival
Sequim Lavender Festival
Nonprofit dedicated to the heritage lavender farms of the Sequim-Dungeness Valley. Sequim, WA
Tacit Knowledge
Tacit Knowledge
Digital commerce consultancy. San Francisco, CA
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